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Meet the team! From the welcoming staff at the front desk to the skilled dental assistants and hygienists, each person is committed to making sure every patient feels comfortable and satisfied. They truly care about each individual who walks through the door.

Whether you’re in need of a routine check-up and cleaning or more advanced restorative treatments like dental implants, rest assured that our dentist are continually learning and honing his skills to provide the best possible care.

Did you know this office offers Invisalign? That’s right, you can get that straight smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle of traditional braces. And that’s just one of the many advanced treatment options available to you.

The office is conveniently located in Johnstown, OH, and they’re always ready to discuss your oral health options. Don’t hesitate to reach out—they’re here to help you achieve the confident smile you deserve!

Dr. Brian Walsh

First Visit

Here at Johnstown Dental Care, we believe that your first visit with us is like laying the groundwork for a long-term friendship. That’s why we kindly ask for just an hour of your time to sit down and chat with a dentists on our amazing team about what really matters to you when it comes to your smile.

Our dentists will take a close look at your current oral health status, using this as a starting point to get a feel for any potential risks down the line. You see, by getting a handle on your unique dental future, we can tailor-make a plan that’ll help keep any nasty dental issues at bay and avoid unnecessary procedures. It’s all about saving you time in the dental chair and keeping your wallet happy in the long run. We’re here for you, every step of the way.

Same Day Crowns

Dr. Brian Walsh

Same Day Crowns

At Johnstown Dental Care, we are proud to now offer Same-day Crowns, as an easy, quick, and long-lasting solution to all your compromised teeth.

One of the standout benefits of same-day crowns is their longevity. Designed to last, these restorations are robust and resistant to wear and tear, providing a long-term solution for your dental needs.

Time efficiency is another key advantage of same-day crowns. These crowns are created and fitted in a single appointment, removing the need for multiple visits that are usually required for traditional crowns.

In terms of comfort, same-day crowns are a game-changer. They’re designed for a precise fit, reducing the risk of discomfort and preserving more of your natural tooth. Plus, the absence of temporary crowns or dental putty makes the process even smoother.

When it comes to aesthetics, same-day crowns deliver a natural-looking finish. They’re crafted from top-quality, tooth-colored, and metal-free materials, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your existing teeth.

While the cost of same-day crowns is comparable to that of traditional crowns, patients often find they save money by avoiding the additional costs associated with multiple appointments.

In short, our same-day crowns at Johnstown Dental Care are all about your convenience, comfort, and satisfaction. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional crowns and welcome this innovative solution that lets you get back to your life without unnecessary delays.

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If you are without dental insurance, not to worry! We offer affordable, comprehensive dental care packages for our uninsured patients so they can receive quality dental care regardless of whether they have dental insurance.